Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut - The Williamsburg Sessions II

Mike Szajewski, WNUR

In another spectacularly creative album on Ayler records, Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut continues to establish himself as one of the most active and promising new improvisers to break into the scene in the new millennium. Additionally, the New York based guitarist has developed a collaborative rapport with a great many up-and-coming players, as well as veterans, outside of the Chicago/Vandermark scene. Two such musicians are featured on this album. Siwula is an experienced sax player who arrived in New York in 1989 and has recently been heard on Shurdut’s “Allemansratten” and Osborne is the central figure of the George Steeltoe Ensemble. On this release, Shurdut further explores the concept of Environmental Tuning, or etuning. The product here is a playful yet visionary set of music, with Shurdut’s guitar and amplifier work translating into a curious take on the percussive possibilities of his instrument. His interplay with Osborne creates an infectious rhythmic atmosphere over which Siwula can explore the range and tone of his alto.

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