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Sarah Murcia - "Never Mind the Future" (aylCD-149)

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Sarah Murcia presents “Never Mind the Future”, a variation on the Sex Pistols’ “Never Mind the Bollocks” album. In dissecting and reinterpreting each song, it is not a simple exercise in covering tunes but a will to actually feed on the music of the Sex Pistols in order to express hers. A music that blends jazz, rock and song, where Sarah Murcia is accompanied by her band ‘Caroline’, with the addition of pianist Benoît Delbecq and dancer/crooner Mark Tompkins. It is also a way to return to a mythical group and to a worship album that, as a listener, I myself started listening to when I was 8 years old... I guess it was just the right time for Sarah and I to meet one another and go forward with this project.

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Marc Ducret Trio+3 - "Métatonal" (aylCD-148)

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Métatonal - CD cover art

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Guitarist Marc Ducret expands his trio of bassist Bruno Chevillon and drummer Eric Echampard with saxophonist Christophe Monniot, trumpeter Frabrice Martinez, and trombonist Samuel Blaser for a tour de force of dynamic and quickly shifting improv that both shreds and reflects.

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Quatuor Machaut - "Quatuor Machaut" (aylCD-147)

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Quentin Biardeau and the Quatuor Machaut offer a re-visit as well as a set of 'extensions' to Guillaume de Machaut's Messe de Nostre Dame, the masterpiece and apotheosis of 14th century polyphonic music.
The quartet has been focusing its work on the exploration of timbres, textures, tones and dynamics, as well as sensations and feelings induced by this musical work that leaves considerable room for freedom and improvisation to all four musicians within a rich harmonic framework.
The result, at the intersection of the sacred and spectral music, offers the listener a mystical experience.

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M. Metzger / S. Daniel / G. Galichet - "Killing Spree" (aylCD-143)

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With his previous outing on Ayler Records (the 2012 solo SelfCooking – actually a highly overdubbed multitrack offering), Matthieu Metzger had given us a preview of his peculiar mindset when it comes to musical ideas. Now taking advantage of the versatile trio format, he’s back with a vengeance with Killing Spree!

With the help of bassist Sylvain Daniel’s science of sound and pyrotechnic drummer Gregoire Galichet’s virtuosity, he once again puts his saxophones and machines on the front line to offer us a highly energetic effort they describe as an alloy of contemporary writing, jazz, improv and metal. Molten, as it should be.

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