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Noël Akchoté - "Loving Highsmith" (aylCD-173-174)

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Loving Highsmith - CD cover art

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Music for the film written & directed by Eva Vitija
It is my intention that the audience of LOVING HIGHSMITH should fall in love with the author, get to know her better, begin to hate her a little and ultimately separate from her but never forget her – having seen her with the candid gaze of a love story which leaves us transformed.
Eva Vitija, Bern, September 2021

If guitar is my house, duet is my home. We first met with Eva early 90’s, in Zürich with Corin Curschellas. First saw Bill Frisell in Paris (1984 with the Paul Motian Quintet) and discovered Mary when she covered « Cheshire Hotel » (written for Marc Ribot in 1996, another guitar duet). Contemporary, simultaneous & pace, just like the film.
Noël Akchoté, Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys, January 2022

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Golden Retrieval - "Départementale 985" (aylCD-170)

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Départementale 985 - CD cover art

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The soundtrack to a 'reverse road-movie' which would begin at the end of the journey, Départementale 985 sounds like a tragicomedy of stillness carried by the words and voice of Fred Poulet and by Gilles Coronado's compositions and guitars.
This record is the result of a love affair spanning nearly twenty years with the first album of the Golden Retrieval duet of Gilles and Fred, recorded in 2002 by Bruno Letort on his Signature label for Radio France. It was about time that their second effort, created and recorded over 5 days in April 2006, was finally published.

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Derviche (Brochard & Favriou) - "Murs Absurdes" (aylCD-172)

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Murs Absurdes - CD cover art

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The follow-up to their self-titled first album, "Murs Absurdes" finds the duet of Eric Brochard and Fabrice Favriou (Derviche) presenting five new 'sequences' (numbered VI to X).
These are (unlike the first 5 on the previous disc) not separate, independent tracks but conceived to be played as a continuous 'suite', building layer upon layer, turn after turn, a 38+ minutes wall of sound, still hypnotic, still powerful.

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