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Realtime - In The Shaman's Pocket

Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

This 42-minute suite presents all the characteristics of a ritual ever since its first movements, not a surprise considering the kind of projects and personal beliefs these artists are known for. Tribal patterns and slow, incessant thumps and thuds, underlined by Scipio's quasi-funky bass walks, get highlighted by Hyder's vocal emissions halfway through chant and uttered invocation.
Z'EV contributes with a multi-timbral percussive arsenal, his command of the pulse dictating the changes in the velocity of the piece.
Knight plays different things according to the instrument chosen: on flute, he flows into the shamanic essence of the moment, long dissonant whistles addressing the spiritual components in the correct manner, whilst his trumpet's short blasts and deceptively simple lines can stand the test of our concentration alone, or sinuously surround Hyder's throat singing while Z'EV and Scipio interact like sonic Siamese twins.
When the sounds become more rarefied, we enjoy the value of single instrumental gestures as if the players were offering something, putting it directly in our hands. Whatever they decide to play, the physical response is one of pleasure - uncomfortable pleasure. It moves inside but we can't quite determine what really happens.
The secret of this album lies right there: a cross between the casual discovery of a clandestine ceremony and the sense of being invited to a practice which is guaranteed not to harm, yet remains somehow obscure.
The whole is very interesting and definitely bewitching.

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