François Carrier Quartet - Noh

Leif Carlsson, Lira

A melodic alto and soprano saxophone force carefully forward through one for the saxophonist unknown ground.

Seldom exaggerations and playing in the middle register is what is valid. The two drummers clatter and move big stones to make the road free, the guitar either soft, either sharp, sometimes plays as a gamelan. The saxophone sets the direction and grasps the music with simple thought-out notes like the legendary Steve Lacy. They have probably played with dancers before; therefore the flow in the music is so obvious. A human can't disappear in the smoke like a note.

A classical free concept where two musicians know each other, the other two completely new.
No music, nothing is there in the beginning, like a Zen Noh drama which has no manuscript but only actors. Then the curtain goes up …The recording is direct and unpolished and let the listener into a curved beautiful sound voyage with one or two blows.