Jeff Marx & Jeff "Siege" Siegel - Dreamstuff

Henrik Kaldahl, Jazznet

This new download-only release from the ever amazing Ayler Records is a duo recording by the two free minded musicians, Jeff Marx who controls the tenorsaxophone and the drummer Jeff ”Siege” Siegel. The release consists of ten incredible tight played numbers which was recorded at NRS Recording Studio, Catskill New York on August 18 and december 11 in 2005.

The interplay between these two great artists are really something out of the ordinary. The way the numbers are played brings the thoughts back to the work between John Coltrane and Rashied Ali in the sixties – at times sounding like a updated version of these two old masters and their work together. On this record there is no leadman who stands in front of the other. Both musicians stand together like partners in crime and the result is one strong unit moving forward on a collective mission into the amazing world of free jazz. Marx pushes his saxophone to the limit with convincing and breathtaking results and Siege bangs the drums with great skills and foreward thinking playing on the drums.

The music here is extremely well played by two great musicians, who plays like there was no tomorrow and like this was the one thing they just had to do before the world ends as we know it. As on all of the other releases from Ayler records I have reviewed, the quality is very, very high and I can only give it my most sincere recommendation.