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[Latest EDIT: December 1st, 2021]

This past year saw the release of no less than 6 releases (which given the current situation is quite an achievement...), namely "Neigen" by the quartet of Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Daunik Lazro, Michael Nick and Nicolas Souchal, followed by "Là" from the trio of Bapstiste Boiron, Bruno Chevillon and Frédéric Gastard, then "Nights Enter" by Dennis González with his Ataraxia Trio, comprised of himself, Drew Phelps and Jagath Lakpriya + two guests: Jess Garland and Derek Rogers.
The 3 others since summer were "L'amour" by the trio of Catherine Jauniaux, Xavier Charles and Jean-Sébastien Mariage, "Départementale 985" by the Golden Retrieval duo of Fred Poulet and Gilles Coronado, and very lately "At Souillac en Jazz", a solo recording of Joëlle Léandre in a live setting.

Coming next early 2022 and in their final stages of 'production/development' are three recordings, the first of which is titled "Murs absurdes" by the duo Derviche of Eric Brochard (bass) and Fabrice Favriou (drums) with whom we had released a first album in 2020. It will be followed by the "Lila Bazooka" duo of Sophie Bernado (bassoon & voice) and Céline Grangey (sound design & real-time electronics) and by a double disc of music composed by Noël Alchoté (acoustic & electric guitars) for a film titled "Loving Highsmith" and performed in solo and duo settings with fellow guitarists Bill Frisell and Mary Halvorson.
All three are scheduled for release before summer, if all things go as planned.

A couple more are on their way for the second half of 2022, but I'll write about them later. Stay tuned.
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