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Théo Ceccaldi Trio - Carrousel

Carrousel - CD cover art

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Théo Ceccaldi, violin
Guillaume Aknine, electric guitar
Valentin Ceccaldi, cello

More info on the trio here.

cd tracks:

1. Excusez-moi
2. Le Crapaud
3. Gros sur la Patate
4. Cocube
5. Mélenchology
6. Tiding Ting
7. Objets Lumineux
8. Blouse Blanche et Blouson Noir
9. Odette
10. Viennoiserie
11 . Le Chêne au Nord
Total time: 52:09

release information:

Recorded at Studio Nyima, Orléans, France,
on September 27-29, 2011.
Cover photo by Frédéric Netter.
1 CD Digisleeve.


Meeting musicians as talented as they’re young is always a treat, even when regularly wandering in concert venues. Their ‘musical godmother’ Joëlle Léandre had prepared us though: « Three friends, three young musicians, all of them string players - aren't we all one great family? And so much music, emotion and rigour in them already. The writing displays great sophistication and a rare maturity ; there is a chamber-like quality to the playing, with mutual listening at the highest level ; the duets, solo interludes and improvisations are simple, yet daring ; the phrasing and "dancing" exhilarating, intense and swift ; the music is lyrical, profound, adventurous - as dicey as life. Listen to them - they are the genuine article! »