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Théo Ceccaldi Trio - Carrousel

Carrousel - CD cover art

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Théo Ceccaldi, violin
Guillaume Aknine, electric guitar
Valentin Ceccaldi, cello

More info on the trio here.

cd tracks:

1. Excusez-moi
2. Le Crapaud
3. Gros sur la Patate
4. Cocube
5. Mélenchology
6. Tiding Ting
7. Objets Lumineux
8. Blouse Blanche et Blouson Noir
9. Odette
10. Viennoiserie
11 . Le Chêne au Nord
Total time: 52:09

release information:

Recorded at Studio Nyima, Orléans, France,
on September 27-29, 2011.
Cover photo by Frédéric Netter.
2-CD Digisleeve (IMPORTANT: Please note that the described original title is now Out-Of-Print in its single form, so you'll receive it in a 2-for-1 2-CD Digisleeve, coupled with the Théo Ceccaldi Trio's second album "Can You Smile?". Just so that you don't order both. You'll get both for the price of one anyway. Cheers!)



Meeting musicians as talented as they’re young is always a treat, even when regularly wandering in concert venues. Their ‘musical godmother’ Joëlle Léandre had prepared us though: « Three friends, three young musicians, all of them string players - aren't we all one great family? And so much music, emotion and rigour in them already. The writing displays great sophistication and a rare maturity ; there is a chamber-like quality to the playing, with mutual listening at the highest level ; the duets, solo interludes and improvisations are simple, yet daring ; the phrasing and "dancing" exhilarating, intense and swift ; the music is lyrical, profound, adventurous - as dicey as life. Listen to them - they are the genuine article! »