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Peter Bruun's All Too Human - Vernacular Avant-garde

Vernacular Avant-garde - CD cover art

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Kasper Tranberg, trumpet, cornet
Marc Ducret, guitars (6 & 12-stringed)
Simon Toldam, moog, juno 60, philicorda
Peter Bruun, drums, mikrokorg

cd tracks:

1. Follow Me
2. All Too Human
3. Vernacular Avant-garde
4. Sunshine Superman
5. Extended Mind
6. Is That So Sir Names
Total time: 38'54

release information:

Recorded in Copenhagen at The Village Studio, April 2017.
Cover artwork by Stéphane Berland.
This production was supported by MPO, DJBFA and KODA.
1 CD 2-fold Digifile.


Drummer Peter Bruun from Copenhagen has been aware through his musical career of the creative potential and power lurking in paradoxical manoeuvres. In this new unit he has gathered three like-minded musical fellows under the All Too Human (ATH) flag. Through the years he undertook a lot of terra incognita expeditions with pianist Simon Toldam, guitarist Marc Ducret and trumpeter Kasper Tranberg. It connected and connects them on deeper levels in their musical interaction.