Meditations on Albert Ayler - Live at Glenn Miller Café

Mike Szajewski, WNUR

With a lengthy set of zealous Ayleresque improvisation, this unlikely trio presents over an hour of high powered playing. Once they get into a groove, they don't stop the momentum whatsoever, as drummer Tony Bianco takes his drumming chops to the limit, demonstrating an ability to produce steadily furious playing over the course of two half-hour pieces.

The ever unpredictable Luther Thomas, who originally came up in the St Louis scene in the early 70's and now finds himself residing in Copenhagen, masters the Ayler folk/ballad melody style as well as the more unbridled shrill improvisational tendencies.

Bassist Jair-Rohm Parker Wells and Bianco have previously collaborated as members of the electro-acoustic trio Decision Dream with guitarist Magnus Alexanderson, which also draws from the music of Albert Ayler. Rather than being an Ayler cover band, "Meditations" strives to create a sound inspired by the mentality and creativity of the visionary saxophonist.

The trio's first tune is a combination of two Ayler staples, and the second is a free jazz take on the Swedish folk song "O Store Gud."