Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut - Allemansratten

Tom Sekowski, Gaz-Eta

"Allemansratten" or 'all of mans' right to freedom' is a perfect translation of guitarist/composer Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut's concept of music. His take on leadership is that "a leader who knows how to lead without leading".

Quintet he amassed in 2005 includes alto saxophonist Blaise Siwula, Ras Moshe on tenor, Nick Gianni on various woodwinds and mandolin and Mike Fortune on percussion. Shurdut being an inventor of Environmental Tuning [which is tuning synchronized to sound of one's surrounding] makes no qualms about using his invention in this recording.

Most impressive parts of the record are the constant wind-blasts from Siwula, Moshe and Gianni. Moshe is especially impressive as his jagged interplay with Siwula gets top marks. Fortune is a percussive beast, giving others something to rally against. His constant barrage on the skins makes it that more challenging to get the gist of the story line that is told by the rest of the quintet.

The lack of any proper mixing makes the listening session that much more closer to the actual live performance.

Exhausting in its complexity and performed with abandonment, "Allemansratten" is a feast of wonders for your senses.

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